Hope in Action

The Diaconal College offers a three-month, hands-on course on engaging in civil society on the basis of the values of diakonia. The course is  targeted at young people (around 20-30 years of age) who are involved in organisations doing diaconal or development work in collaboration with a Danish partner organisation. The next course takes place September 1 – November 22, 2024, and we are open for applications now.

The course is offered with support from Center for Church-Based Development (CKU) and Y’s Men International, Region Denmark, who sponsors participants, and in collaboration with a number of Danish diaconal or development organisations. As the participants of Hope in Action are recruited among the international partners of these organisations, it is a way to build and strengthen the capacity of the international partnerships as well as the individual participants.

The overall aim of the course is to empower participants to unluck their own potential as well as the potential of their churches or faith-based organisations to challenge structures harmful to people and planet and to contribute to the sustainable development of a more just world. And to equip participants with knowledge, tools, and training on how to translate the hope faith encompasses into action.

At the same time, the course is an opportunity for an exceptional intercultural experience where participants from diverse countries and contexts come together in Denmark to learn not only from the Danish way of civil society organisation and participation, but also from each other.

How to apply

All interested participants must apply in collaboration with their local organisation and a Danish partner organisation (who usually sponsors or apply for funding of the course fee). Download and read the course description, which walks you through the application proces, and fill in the application and recommendation form when ready to apply.

Application deadline is May 15 – we have 15 spots available.

Smaller revisions in curricula will be made the coming months, and a detailed course outline will also be available later on.

Get in touch

If you have questions or a candidate in mind for the course, don’t hesitate to contact:

Jeanette Nielsen
Course Director

+45 2750 6071

What have former participants gained from the course?

Over the years we have received many encouraging reports on the impact of the course on participants, and how their organisations and communities have benefitted from it.

The Diaconal College have been running an international course since 1998. That means that our participants are often able to identify younger versions of current leaders in their organisations back home (or even parents) on the photos of each class hanging in the one of the hallways of the college.

Below you will find a few testimonials of recent participants, and in the video in the next section participants of Hope in Action 2022 share their experiences and learnings from the course and their time in Denmark.